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Battery AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) WITH QUADFLEX TECHNOLOGY patented: 4 terminals (2 + and 2 -), They are designed from the ground up for versatility, increased strength, and durability. With purer quality of lead (and more of it per cell), Motobatt batteries boast 30% more cranking power than many competitive brands. All MotoBatt motorcycle batteries are absorbed glass-mat (AGM), making them completely sealed, leak-proof, spill-proof, and vibration resistant. This technology uses highly porous microfiber separators, which completely absorb and trap electrolyte: No more leaking, no more damaged chrome/paint, no more acid spills. 

Motobatt’s innovative internal ‘Power Balanced’ design has been developed to overcome these problems. Many claims are made by different manufacturers about cranking capacity in fact there is little to be gained from a battery that cranks harder than what is required to start your bike. In battery design there is always a tradeoff. Since physical battery size is limited by the application / case size, the more cranking power (increased number of thinner plates) you have, the less Amp Hour capacity you get, and vice versa. The key is to ‘balance” the design to offer maximum AH and CCA’s to properly power all of your ‘thirsty’ OE and aftermarket accessories.

Blue Additivi

Blue Additivi

BLUE ADDITIVI is a line of products by Prime Technology, an Italian company that stands out in the chemical industry for the automotive industry. we distribute these high performance additives, suitable for all vehicles, be it cars bikes or trucks.

Lucas Oil

Lucas Oil

The world leader in high-performance and LUBRICANTS ADDITIVES. Over the past 40 years LUCAS OIL has developed all aspects of engine LUBRICATION from the most extreme competitions to VEHICLES for everyday use, and INCLUDING motorcycles and TRUCKS. LUCAS OIL produces lubricants combining the best quality OILS with the best ADDITIVES, building up a line of products that have become leader in THE American market . IN THE FIELD OF ADDITIVES, LUCAS, IS SECOND TO NONE, FOR ENGINE ADDITIVES, GEAR OIL ADDITIVES, BE IT MANUAL OR AUTOMATIC, STEERING FLUIDS AND FUEL IMPROVERS.



We are official importers of UNIBAT batteries, the world’s leading brand for motorcycles and cars accumulators. UNIBAT offers a series of starter batteries for all types of vehicle, from motorcycles to heavy duty vehicles . Thanks to years of experience and close contact to manufacturers , UNIBAT ensures efficiency and reliability reaching important agreements of distribution and representation. For the past 15 years the unibat brand has been present , the Unibat brand is present in Europe as official supplier of prestigious companies in the automotive and motorcycle sector as Beta , Ducati, Hm Malaguti, Husqvarna, Tm, Carraro and Lem Motor.



We are official importers of Unicharger products .The Unicharger products are suitable for the care and the maintenance of batteries for all kind of vehicles (cars, scooters, motorcycles, boats, caravans, etc.)

Lithium Extra

Lithium eXtra

UNIBAT Lithium batteries are about 3 times lighter than conventional lead acid batteries. Nevertheless they manage to ensure surprisingly higher performances. That power translates into the ability to provide strong starting currents necessary to grant reliable and repeated starts ( also consegutive) even at low temperatures ( weak point of lead-acid batteries )
Life is also longer: estimated life of over 5 years (over 2000 complete life cycles). These batteries can also withstand long periods of inactivity (over a year). Charging time is very short: 6 minutes only for a supply up to 90%, and the charging status can be viewed through the special integrated tester, standard on all models. They are acid-free and also heavy metals-free with a very low environmental impact.


With cutting-edge formulations and with the highest level of precision and “Made in Switzerland” quality, TEKNOLUBE guarantees a wide range of synthetic and mineral engine oils, transmission fluids, hydraulic fluids and industrial lubricants and biodegradable oils. 


High Quality Brake Pads/ Discs For motorcycles

GOLDfren is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of brake pads and brake discs for motorcycles and  Mountainbike . GOLDfren corrosion protection products are made from high quality materials with good heat dissipation and high wear resistance.

GOLDfren is one of the world’s largest brake pad manufacturers and if you are looking for good pads, choose Goldfren.

The brake pads are sintered, TUV approved and sold in pairs.

About GOLDfren friction materials

-AD, S3, S33 and GP compounds are homologated by German institute TÜV Rheinland.

-All of our brake pads are made with sintered metal-ceramic and ceramic-carbon friction materials

Sintered brake pads is a modern technology that provides the greatest brake power and wear life possible

-Sintered pads provide superior stopping power and longer life compared to other brake pad types such as: carbon organic, organic, or semi-metallic organic

-Sintered pads offer no brake fade when operating at high temperatures and in wet conditions

-GOLDfren is a pioneer in sintering with advanced and progressive powder metallurgy methods

-Designed for both wet and dry applications

-Sintered brake pads deliver exceptional braking performance under the most demanding conditions

-All materials are lead and asbestos free

-High-end quality aftermarket performance disc brakes

-Compound series available are: AD, S3, K5, K5-LX, S33, GP5, GP6 a GP7

-Application of each compound is based on our material chart (below) or the rider’s preference and riding style

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