Lucas Oil

The world leader in high-performance and LUBRICANTS ADDITIVES. Over the past 20 years Lucas Oil has developed all aspects of engine LUBRICATION from the most extreme competitions to VEHICLES for everyday use, and INCLUDING motorcycles and TRUCKS. Lucas Oilproduces lubricants combining the best quality OILS with the best ADDITIVES, building up a line of products that have become leader in the American market. In the field of additives, Lucas Oil, is second to none, for engine additives, gear oil additives, be it manual or automatic, steering fluids and fuel improvers.


Battery AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) with quadflex technology patented: 4 terminals (2 + and 2 -), They are designed from the ground up for versatility, increased strength, and durability.

Blu additivi

Blue Additivi is a line of products by Prime Technology, an Italian company that stands out in the chemical industry for the automotive industry. we distribute these high performance additives, suitable for all vehicles, be it cars bikes or trucks.

Service Kit Gasoline BB07000

Practical case with a full service kit: Step-by-step guide, engine additives (internal cleaning and anti-friction nanotechnology), additives for cleaning.

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