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Formulated and developed to enhance performance and protect the engine life of classic and vintage cars Classic Oil is the first Lucas lubricant in the passenger car range to be branded for a specific market sector. Classic Oil SAE 20W-50 meets all the viscosity requirements specified for older engines. Lower oil temperatures a thicker film for maximum defence against engine wear as well as protection against foaming at high revs whilst providing a high lubricity medium for faster acceleration and greater RPM. Classic Oil SAE 20W-50 complies with all major vehicle lubricant specifications and exceeds performance levels including API/SM/SL/SJ/CF. It is designed specifically for use in vintage cars and classic cars

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Lucas Oil

The world leader in high-performance and LUBRICANTS ADDITIVES. Over the past 40 years LUCAS OIL has developed all aspects of engine LUBRICATION from the most extreme competitions to VEHICLES for everyday use, and INCLUDING motorcycles and TRUCKS. LUCAS OIL produces lubricants combining the best quality OILS with the best ADDITIVES, building up a line of products that have become leader in THE American market . IN THE FIELD OF ADDITIVES, LUCAS, IS SECOND TO NONE, FOR ENGINE ADDITIVES, GEAR OIL ADDITIVES, BE IT MANUAL OR AUTOMATIC, STEERING FLUIDS AND FUEL IMPROVERS.
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